Project 3: Texturama

4129465446_2f7b311cfd_z copy Gina Berchin (student) 100_5957 copy Brittaney MacDermott (student)texture1Katrina Schoewe (student)

Project Description: Your challenge is to draw a panorama of at least 5 various textures from life. The textures and patterns should transform from one to another in a thoughtful manner, and should be selected with a specific, unified concept in mind. You will draw these textures in close-up, so that you can fully articulate the intricacies of the surfaces. Focus on value, tones, lines, contours, patterns and rhythm.


  • Accurately capture and depict a variety of textures drawn from observation
  • Convey movement and transformation from one texture to the next
  • Consider the space and methods of transitions from one texture to another.
  • Select textures/patterns that share a common theme
  • Use a full value range with dark blacks and bright whites
  • Utilize good craftsmanship. Take care with your edges so that they are clean and is not affected by smudges, fingerprints, etc.



  • 19 x 25 inch piece of Canson Mi-Tientes paper- any color
  • Charcoal pencil or graphite
  • Jumbo Pencils (Brown, Sepia, Black and White)
  • White Nupastel or colored pencil


  1. Select a group of at least 5 textures, sharing a similar theme, that you will accurately depict as you draw them from life.
  2. Plan the most appropriate sequencing of these textures, and decide how they will transform into each other.
  3. Cut one 12 x 18 inch piece of paper in half lengthwise, so you are left with two 6 x 18 inch pieces of paper. Tape together on the backside, and cut down to size of your choice, no smaller than 24 inches in length. The minimum size you will work with is 6 x 24 inches.
  4. Proceed with the drawing, leaving the colored paper as a vital part of the drawing. Pay special attention to tonal qualities, contours of the forms, lines and patterns.