Assignments – Spring 2018

This class strives to bring about an understanding of how process shapes expression. Digital and wet-lab technologies and materials, with particular attention to the print-out method of platinum-palladium printing require a wide range of skills. The ‘language’ of platinum-palladium printing has distinct qualities, and may bring us to ways of knowing that may not be as readily expressed by other photographic processes. Altogether, the class objectives are challenging and will need a steady output of work.

The grading rubric has been designed to foster a persistent engagement with process, while encouraging each student to reflect on and revisit work.

Assignment: Based on details provided in the Schedule, students are asked to place prints on the display boards on a weekly basis. Each print must have the students name and the date it was printed in the lower left corner. Prints marked by the instructor with an ‘A’ may be left up in the boards. Unmarked prints must be removed within two weeks of being printed.

Final grades will be determined according to the number of ‘A’ prints, based on the rubric below. All ‘A’ prints (more than one ‘A’ print from the original matrix may be used) must be submitted at the end of the final class on April 26, 2018. See additional notes below.

10 = A+

9 = A

8 = A-

7 = B+

6 = B

5 = B-

4 = C+

3 = C

2 = C-

1 = D+

0 + effort = D

Additional grade points may be earned thus:

Extra 2/3 of a grade earned by the production of an edition of five prints from one negative.

Extra 2/3 of a grade earned by writing a technical or theoretical paper or essay about a topic related to platinum-palladium printing. The topic and length is to be determined in consultation with the instructor, and will be due at the last class meeting.

There are no grades for the following

1. Read all texts by the scheduled class meeting where they are listed.

2. Establish and sustain a class notebook.

3. Final Folio: a collection of all ‘A’, mounted and in folio box. Depending on  There is no grade for this, but a final, detailed, critique will only be given if this folio is produced.