Schedule 430 – Spring 2020

COVID-19 ADJUSTMENTS: Please see the updated Course and Comp Requirements 2020 page. Jump to March 30, 2020

Class meetings via are on Mondays, from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM, CST unless otherwise noted. One-to-one meetings with student and instructor will be scheduled as indicated below. Additional instructions and communications about class schedules and events will occur by Slack no later than noon on the Friday before that class.

All changes are indicated in bold.


Jackson Gray Harwell, Writing Fellow

In the Writing Center on Thursday’s from 7-9:30 and by appointment


  • View this before class: Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse – Read by Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Introduction, discussion about Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse – Read by Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Discussion of course and Comprehensive Exam expectations
  • Critiques of completed works (please have work on display in studio areas—only video work to be projected):



2:30—Anna Douglas




Friday, 01/24, 5:00 PM: Highlander Libraries, panel discussion and reception, University Art Gallery [required attendance]


Studio visits and discussion of work produced and in progress SINCE December 1, 2019:




3:00—Anna Douglas




Begin drafts of CV, bio, statement

Web sites reviewed. and links to sites placed here:


Thesis readings (Each person in class will ready aloud a 5-minute précis of the ongoing thesis, followed by 15 minutes of discussion and suggestions)

Discussion of deadlines and exhibition updates

– Reverse schedules and deadlines, starting with the closing / take-down date to now
– Finishing, framing and installation equipment
– Layout of exhibition
– How to prepare an exhibition installation kit

02/10 – Pradip is away

Self-run Studio visits:





3:30—Anna Douglas


Work on Press Packets

DUE: send to Pradip by email: Senior Show overall concept and title


Reading Discussion: Martha Schwendener, “What Makes Pope.L’s Art Endure? (It’s Not the Famous Crawls)”

Due by the end of class: Title for Senior exhibit, a complete exhibition packet from each person, plus an exhibition press packet from the group. Useful guidelines for this are at the above link, but you may also find it helpful to review guidelines for writing an artist’s statement, bio and résumé.

Submit by email to all Art faculty a list of equipment needs for Honors and UAG exhibitions. Follow this up with a face-to-face meeting about special needs with the faculty specializing in that area.

Looking ahead to next week: please come to next week’s class with new (not previously critiqued this semester) work on display and other work on hand


Questions about Midsemester Presentations

Studio visits:






4:00—Anna Douglas

Wed. 2/26

The following are to be dropped into Google Drive shared folders:

Final version of joint press release and joint statement (Folder: ‘Art Comp 2020’)

Final version of individual statements, biographies and CVs from everyone (Folder: ‘Art Comp 2020/yourLastNameFirstInitial’)

2 each, high resolution images of work to be shown (72 ppi, no compression JPG, longest dimension 800px, and the following information embedded in the file info metadata, in this order: Artist, title, date, media, dimensions (depth x height x width). Save files as Yourlastname_Titleofwork.jpg (Folder: ‘Art Comp 2020/yourLastNameFirstInitial’)

03/02 – Mid-semester Presentations

Please have completed works on display in spaces from noon today for a week.

1:30—Anna Douglas







DUE MIDTERM THESIS PAPERS, noon, emailed to faculty.

Papers should include:

  • 10 pages of written analysis, maximum
  • 2 page minimum introduction, including a thesis statement.
  • Supporting paragraphs that investigate form + content of thesis works
  • References/Inspirations integrated into analysis
  • Conclusion paragraph(s)
  • Footnotes/Citations as necessary
  • A page of thumbnail images, arranged chronologically, with title, date, media, dimensions, at the end of the paper. Identify works made as a part of a class assignment (state the class).

Critique of all completed thesis work (please have work on display in studios):


2:00—Anna Douglas





Wed. 03/11

Final Press Release and press-ready images go to gallery director – email and send cc to Art faculty

Vinyl title and wall text ordered

3/12 – Spring Break


Due: Final Poster Design. Printed on campus – example

Thesis writing workshop/thesis exploration



Zoom meeting with the whole class at 1:30 CST. See your Google Calendar for a meeting invite. All subsequent weekly class meetings will be via invites to a Zoom meeting. Each class will be recorded, and the password-protected recording available only to this class.

Individual discussion about thesis work, paper, and final presentation of work as a portfolio on the Picter web site. Please have at least a prototype folio, including work in progress or any new work since March 5, on the Picter site by the start of this class. Send links to the entire class by 9 AM today.


2:50—Anna Douglas





Tuesday, March 31 — open Honors exhibition

Wednesday, April 1 — 9:00-11:00 AM Honors Defense, Carlos Gallery, with Art Faculty


Final checklist of works you will be showing WITH PRICES, assembled, formatted labels due, including your name, title of work, date, medium. (Prices will go on price list in binder). Final artist’s statements, resumes and biographies. Assembled in one document, consistent formatting. Due to Dr. MacLaren prior to the start of class.

Class-led review and critique of all works

Individual discussion of online portfolios: these should be in near-final form and placed on your web site

Discussion of Scholarship Sewanee Abstracts, which are due on April 8 via the Scholarship Sewanee Portal.

1:30 — Malik


2:10—Anna Douglas





Scholarship Sewanee Abstracts Due via Scholarship Sewanee Portal. This is an ABSOLUTE university-wide deadline. Submission link


Delivery of Art work to the UAG at 1:30 PM – all work must be ready to transport before the start of class, transport arrangements to be made by each exhibitor

Final presentation run-through

Discussion of introductions, conclusions and references in thesis papers

Group discussion of websites and associated portfolios, statements, bios and any other material

Everyone must have up-to-date personal web sites

Tue. 4/14 – 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, UAG install

Wed. 4/15 – 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, UAG install

Thu. 4/16 – 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, UAG install. All works completely installed by 10 A.M., lighting begins by 10 AM; Labels go up; install completed by 4:30 PM;  – final clean up and check by 6:00 PM

Fri. 4/17, 4:30 P.M. – SR Exhibition Open to the Public, Opening Reception, with introductory comments by each major (about 1-2 minutes each)

All Art Major personal web sites are live, the Picter Project sites are complete with thesis portfolios linked from each student’s home page, the class web site, and as an announcement on the University Art Galleryweb site.


9:00 to 1:00, Comps Defenses, University Art Gallery

Class — Final Presentation Review, University Art Gallery

Starting at 9:00 AM, individual Comp and Honors Defenses with Profs. Wohl and Malde, as arranged via Zoom

Fri. 4/24

8:30 AM Projection check for presentations, University Art Gallery

9:00 AM to Noon, Comp. Public Presentations, University Art Gallery


9 A.M. Final Thesis Due from all Art SRs, email to all Art faculty, as PDF and Word, named: Lastname_FinalThesisPaper

Class will meet in th University Art Gallery

Tuesday, April 28 – 7-9 PM, drinks at the Sewanee Inn with Art Minors, Majors, and Art History Majors and Department faculty

Thu-05/07 and Fri-05/08: UAG Staffed by Art SR volunteer

Sat. 5/09

Baccalaureate reception in gallery, 1-3 pm. Please be at the UAG as promptly at 1 P.M. with your guests, so that the faculty may say a few words of farewell soon after 1 PM

Purchased works may be collected after 4:30 P.M.

Sun. 5/10

Show comes down 2 to 3 PM. Please be at the UAG at 2 PM, promptly. YOU MUST TAKE ALL YOUR WORK WITH YOU, remove hardware, clear walls and floors, clean up. Pradip will be present.

We will miss you, and are looking for a way to celebrate each major and their achievements at a later date.