Bios and Resumes

Artist Resume vs. CV vs. Bio [updated February, 2019]

A resume should be a short one to four-page summary of your career/study/achievements that are relevant to a particular situation. It stands as a quick presentation of your activities and worth when being considered against a larger pool of candidates (for a job, grad school, gallery exhibition etc) or when a cursory review is needed. It should read chronologically, usually with the most recent activities at the beginning, but circumstance may dictate otherwise. It may be presented in list or narrative form.

A CV (curriculum vitae) is a detailed listing of all professional activities, listed by category, chronologically (most recent first), clearly worded and consistently laid out. It may be many pages long, but at times the maximum length is prescribed, in which case some sections will need to be selected down to the most important or significant items.

An Artists Bio is a concise narrative form of resume/cv and may even include some of the most important elements of your statement.

In all cases, be concise: keep your writing simple, clear, and to-the-point. Describe each entry in as few words as possible, without embellishment. Write in the third person. Proofread for grammar, spelling, clarity and typos.

The College Art Association provides a more detailed set of guidelines (scroll down to ‘Tools For Visual Artists’)