Course and Comp Requirements 2019

NB: Please see update on Thesis below – 4-26.2019

The comprehensive examination for studio art majors includes the following components:

Preparation and presentation of a Portfolio produced over the course of at least one year
The amount of work, and the method of its presentation, is determined on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with all of the Art faculty. The portfolio should be a cohesive body of work, that clearly demonstrates a committed studio practice.
Mid-semester: please plan to have your portfolio in some viewable form (actual work, not slides) in a location in Nabit for the week of March 4 to 8. the portfolio should be a near-final form of your comp portfolio.
goal: to demonstrate a well established skill-based and conceptual studio practice

Participation in a Senior Exhibition along with the submission of an artist’s statement
The exhibition, at the University Art Gallery, runs from around Mid-April to the end of graduation weekend. Participation includes a full engagement with all the preparations normally undertaken for an exhibition, as well as displaying at least a part of the Portfolio in a manner deemed suitable by the Art faculty. The Artist Statement is included in the standard gallery packet of information accompanying the exhibition, and normally also displayed as wall text.
goal: to establish a professional approach to exhibition organization and curatorship, while understanding the expressive potential in installing an exhibition.

Writing a thesis paper
A 2,500 to 3,000-word paper that expresses a critical inquiry of the Portfolio. The Portfolio’s most central theme should be clearly expressed via a Thesis Statement. The body of the thesis paper should elaborate on the Statement.
It expands on the primary concerns of the portfolio, by forming aesthetic, conceptual, historical, and other frames of reference around aspects of the work as a whole. In-text citations, with a works cited and annotated bibliography at the end of the paper, are required.
Note the due date posted on the class schedule.
goal: to understand the cultural contexts of production and expression, while establishing a habit of critical thinking and inquiry.

NB: this has been changed to a 3,000 to 5,000-word paper, due at 9 AM on Monday, April 2019. Refer to an email sent on April, 26, 2019, subject: Comps Presentation Result

Undergoing a private defense of the portfolio and thesis
A meeting with all Art faculty explores the work as presented in the exhibition and discussed in the statement. The discussion strives to deepen understandings about the Portfolio, and to underscore the Thesis Paper.
goal: to reinforce critical thinking through discussion of a completed body of work

Giving a public presentation with response to questions from the audience
A 20-minute public presentation of the Portfolio and Thesis, followed by least 10 minutes of responding to questions from the audience. Normally, Art faculty only observe and do not ask questions.
Note that for mid-semester presentations, the faculty will ask questions.
goal: to learn how to bring others to a deeper engagement with issues that inform and arise from the work

The Comprehensive Exam result is based on passing all of these components. Results are issued as Fail, Pass, Pass with Distinction, and Pass with Honors.