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COVID-19 ADJUSTMENTS: Course work has been modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic, indicted here in bold. Prior Course Work descriptions are  included in normal text at the end of this page.


It is hope that all scheduled meetings can be attended, but absences will not be tallied or adversely affect final grades.

Critiques/Studio Work:

It is expected that students will use the remainder of the semester bringing a near-complete body of work to a point where it may be presented as an online portfolio. Any critiques via will be directed towards this objective. All class meetings will be recorded and available to participants with a password. Links to these recording will be posted at each respective entry on the class schedule.


There will be no further discussion or assessment of public presentations, as a talk about work or as exhibition of the work.

Thesis Paper and other written material:
The final thesis, consisting of an introduction, body of analytic writing about your work, and a conclusion, is due at the designated time. The artist statement, bio and CV are also due as indicated on the course schedule.


The schedule is such that the majority of this course’s objectives are solidified by the end of Spring Break. Thus, class meetings are critical, especially during the first half of the semester. You are expected to be on time for the start of each class, and to attend all sessions. Late arrivals and absences will trigger a cut warning. 2 or more missed classes (regardless of the circumstances) will result in a grade reduction, and 4 missed classes will result in a ‘D’ or lower grade.

Critiques/Studio Work:
When a Critique is scheduled, all students must have work installed with care and ready to present at the beginning of class. Late work will not critiqued. Students are always encouraged to rework pieces based on feedback gained in the critique.

The movable walls in the Drawing studio will always be available for critiques. Any alteration of the walls in the drawing studio must be cleared with Jessica, and must be restored after their use. If work is to be installed in any other area, clearance must be granted by the professor in charge of that space. Works must be removed after the critique, unless permission has been granted for it to stay. Failure to do so may result in the accidental damage or loss of the work, for which the student will assume responsibility.


There will be no grade issued for class participation.

Students will present their work twice; at midterm to faculty, and at Scholarship Sewanee to the public.

A  draft thesis, consisting of an introduction, body of analytic writing about your work, and a conclusion, is due at  Midterm. The final thesis, artist statement, bio and CV are all due at designated times on the course schedule.

Students are expected to contribute to all class critiques and discussions. Any specific assignments outside of critiques and statements will also fall under this category. It is assumed that art majors maintain close communication with all art faculty members about their thesis work.


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