Final Thesis Papers Fall 2018

Due Wednesday, December 12, 5 PM

  • File saved as Lastname_FinalThesisPaper.docx
  • Double spaced, 10 FULL pages. (No more than 10 pages of actual written content, excluding images).
  • Include footnotes or bibliography when citing or quoting references or sources.
  • Present a non-art related context for your work
  • Include at least one work of art, artist or movement as a reference to your work; comparing and contrasting
  • Include images of all works, and those of works that are referenced, at the end of the document, making sure images are scaled down to size. (72 dpi)
  • Save as word doc. Maximum file size is 10 MB.
  • Write in the 3rd person (for example, “This work…” not “my work.”) Also do not refer to yourself as “the artist.” Focus on the work, not on yourself.
  • Email final papers to all three professors by 5 PM (grades will be reduced for tardiness)
  • Papers that clearly have not been proofread will be returned without a grade.

To include:

  • At least two introductory paragraphs setting the tone for the work. The Thesis statement should be included toward the very end of the introduction
  • Underline your thesis statement
  • Analysis of form and content for 4-6 works of your own works
  • Label each image of work in the following format: Title of Work in Italics. 2015. ARTIST’S FIRST NAME LAST NAME. Medium, scale in inches (i.e. 18 x 24 inches). You only need to include the Artist’s name if the work presented was not made by you.
  • A conclusion paragraph summarizing what you’ve outlined in the paper. The thesis statement should be restated in the conclusion, but it should not be the final words.