Honors Application Form


Art Honors Guidelines and Application
Students applying for Honors in Art are expected to display clear evidence of having synthesized process with thinking. While this expectation applies to all Art majors as they proceed through the Comprehensive exam, Honors candidates are asked to sustain, throughout the Senior year, a kind of depth and maturity that clearly points to post-baccalaureate levels of study and practice.

Students with a department GPA of at least 3.2 by the time of application are eligible to apply for departmental honors. To apply for honors, a student must submit a proposal for a thesis project by the deadline stated in the Course Schedule for Art 420. Art faculty members will review the proposals. Those students whose proposals have been approved will, in addition to fulfilling the comprehensive exam requirements, assemble a solo exhibition along with the submission of an artist’s statement, write an extended thesis paper, undergo a private defense of the exhibition and thesis, and give a public presentation with response to questions from the audience. Final determination of honors is based on the quality of all of these components.

It is expected that the honors candidate will have met with each art faculty member prior to the application deadline to discuss suitability for honors application.

An honors proposal will include:

  • A portfolio of work online. It should be easily accessible, organized chronologically and then within that, by project (if relevant),  with each image clearly labelled (your name, title of piece, date of completion, medium, size, and if produced or submitted for a class, which class). The submitted URL must be directly to the folio and not to a home page.
  • A completed Honors Proposal form (see below)
  • An up-to-date résumé.
  • An artist statement no longer than one page, which comprehensively addresses overarching concerns in all of your work.

To apply, follow these instructions:

  1. Complete the Honors Proposal form here.  (please contact Jessica if there are any problems with the form)
  2. Email your resume and 1-page artist statement to Jessica, Greg and Pradip. Subject of the email should read: LASTNAME_HonorsApplicationMaterials