Barthes, Roland: The Death of the Author

Benjamin, Walter: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Berger, John: The Chorus in Our Heads

Berger, John: The Work of Art

Boyd, Brian: Introduction from On the Origin of Stories: evolution, cognition, fiction

Brodsky: Listening to Boredom

Bucklow, Chris. “Eplilogue”, from What is in the Dwat: the universe of Guston’s final decade, Chris Bucklow.

Burgin, Victor: Possessive, Pensive and Possessed – part ipart ii

Calvino, Italo: The Adventure of a Photographer – part ipart ii

Danto, Arthur C.: The Aesthetics of Brillo Boxes – part ipart ii

Freud, Sigmund: from ‘On Dreams’, part XII  – part ipart ii

Grundberg, Andy: Crisis of the Real – part ipart ii

Henderson, Lisa: Access and Consent in Public Photography – part ipart ii – part iii

Hickey, Dave: Enter the Dragon: on the vernacular of beauty

Higgins, Kathleen Marie: Whatever Happened to Beauty? A response to Danto.

Hiller, Susan: Collaborative Meaning: art as experience

Martin, Rosy and Spence, Jo: Photo-Therapy: psychic realism as a healing art?

Martin, Agnes: Beauty is the Mystery of Life

McLuhan, Marshall: The Medium is the Message

Nesbit, Obrist and Tiravanija: What is a Station

Pasolini, Pier Paolo: La Rabbia (liner notes from Cinema Art Visions edition)

Piper, Adrian: Notes on Funk I-II

Saussure, Ferdinand de: from Course in General Linguistics: Language as organized thought coupled with sound

Scarry, Elaine: On Beauty and Being Just

Sontag, Susan: Regarding the Pain of Others, ch. 1