Schedule 420– Fall 2014

Class meetings are on Mondays, from 1 PM to 4:30 PM in Nabit 103 unless otherwise noted. Additional mandatory meetings for presentations and gallery events are also noted below.

September 1

Discuss: policies, web sites, tools and processes, co-curricular events, and comprehensive exam process.
Discuss short reading: Philip Guston, ‘Art/Not Art’
Critique: new work, 30-minutes each

Read: John Berger, ‘The Chorus in Our Heads’ from Hold Everything Dear and watch the first section of Pasolini, ‘La Rabbia’ (also suggested that you read the liner notes )
Write: TBA

Friday, September 5, 4:30 PM

MUST ATTEND David Southwood, N1 & Beach Boys opening reception and artist talk. University Gallery. 

September 8
Discussion of reading, Berger and Pasolini
Assigned Reading for next week: Christopher Bucklow, ‘Epilogue’, from What is in the Dwat: the universe of Guston’s final decade

September 15
Writing exercise
Discussion of Reading: Christopher Bucklow, ‘Epilogue’, from What is in the Dwat: the universe of Guston’s final decade
ssigned writing: analytical piece about one new work (suggest #2)
Assigned reading for next week: Martin, Agnes: Beauty is the Mystery of Life

September 22
Discussion of analytical writing, then rewrite and email with jpeg to Pradip by tomorrow
Discussion of reading: Martin, Agnes: Beauty is the Mystery of Life

Friday, September 26, 4:30 PM
Jeremiah Ariaz,  closing reception and artist talk. Carlos Gallery.

September 29
Discussion of reading,

October 6
Fall Break

October 8
Meet with Greg Pond, Nabit Classroom – discuss mid-semester presentations

Friday, October 10, 4:30 PM
MUST ATTEND: Nicki Davis, opening reception and artist talk

Led by Jessica Wohl- Nabit Classroom
October 13
Midterm Presentations

October 20
Critique- one new finished work, installed in Nabit
Reflections on summer internships
Building a resume: Applying for exhibitions
Discussion on Midterm Presentations

MUST ATTEND: Greg Pond and Jesse Thompson, Flat Earth Unfolded opening reception and artist talk. 4:30 pm, University Gallery.

October 27
*Have one piece of work installed by beginning of class
45 minutes with work- Discussion
*Student Demonstrations– be prepared at beginning of class to do a demonstration on your working process.
Artist Statement Hand out
Discuss reading:
Danto, Arthur, The Aesthetics of Brillo Boxes – part i – part ii

November 3
*Bring in 5 copies of statements from Oct. 20th critique: Translating statements to presentations.
Discuss Readings:
Higgins, Kathleen Marie, Whatever Happened to Beauty? A response to Danto.
Scarry, Elaine, On Beauty and Being Just
Exhibition Submission Due

Led by Greg Pond

November 10
Statements for critique on November 3 due to Jessica via email at 1 pm.

Friday, November 14
MUST ATTEND: Patrick DeGuira opening reception and artist talk. 4:30 pm, Carlos Gallery.

November 17

November 24

December 1
Thanksgiving Break

December 8
Final Presentations
1-4 pm
Submit Final Thesis by NOON on FRIDAY, Dec. 12