Schedule 420 Fall 2018

Course Outline
Subject to change as necessary
All majors should be attending Artist Talks and receptions. Absences from these events speak to your engagement with the major, and will therefore be reflected in your evaluation/grades.

Sept. 3
In class: Summer recaps. Review Syllabus. Writing Fellow. Expectation exercise. What do you want to learn? Art and Artist Statements Presentation (Denes, Rauschenberg, Abakanowicz, Wei Wei, Calame, Whiteread. Introduce Art world news and Google +. How to write an Artist Statement, 1st person. Individual meetings.

  • Read Statements Together: James Turrell Mapping Spaces (1987), Cindy Sherman Untitled Statement (1982), Bridget Riley Untitled Statement (c.1968)

Sept. 8  Chaos and Awe: Painting and the 21st Century, Symposium with Ghada Amer, Matthew Ritchie and Ali Banisadr, Frist Center for Visual Arts, Nashville. 8:15 a.m-5:30 p.m. (Saturday) Guerry Auditorium. 

Sept. 10
In class:  Critique. Art World News. Slide presentations of recent work with brief artist statement.

Due today:

  • One work to be critiqued: Coordinate with faculty about location other than Drawing studio.
  • Prepare a simple slide show of at least 5 of your most recent works (not including the newest one to be critiqued today) in Powerpoint format as a way of introducing yourself and your work to the class.
  • Write a brief 1stperson artist statement to accompany your presentation.
  • Post a link on Google + of one contemporary artist whose work inspires you
  • Have meetings scheduled with both Greg and Angela Berry before Sept. 24th
  • Establish studio space in coordination with faculty who oversee the facilities you will use.

Sept. 14  Vesna Pavlovic, Fabrics of Socialism, Artist Talk and Reception. Convocation Hall, University Art Gallery. 5 pm (Friday)

Sept. 17
In class: Critique time. Art world news. Discussion. Present Artist Statements with a slide of work it describes. Look at Artists posted on Google + page- talk about form/content of each/some of them. 6 word statements: Practice 6 word statements for Artists on Google +. Studio Visits if necessary. How to write an Artist Statement in the 3rd person (Maya Lin).

Due today:

Sept. 20  Karen Seapker, In Tandem, Artist Talk and Reception. Carlos Gallery. 5 pm (Thursday)

Sept. 24
In class: Critique. Art world news. Discuss/Introduce Midterm Presentations: 1stperson.  Center for Speaking and Listening 2:00.

Due Today

  • Write: 1-page descriptive statement about a work by an artist you discover in our textbook. (You should conduct further research about this artist beyond what is in the book).
  • Write a 6 word statement, and a tweet, about a work or a group of your own works
  • Write your first person statement in the third person. Reach out to Jessica for a time to meet if you want to go over it in person.

Oct. 1   
In class: Critique. Art world news.

Due Today:

  • Continue Studio Work, research
  • Begin searching for exhibitions to enter
  • Must have met with Writing Fellow Betsy Cornelius once by this point

Oct. 8
In class:         Midterm Presentations,  Introduce Midterm Paper,

Present an analysis of four works completed since the start of this semester. You may refer to other works by you or others as you give a structural, conceptual and expressive  analysis of each work. The presentation will be assessed on how you bring the audience to understand
1. what the work is in terms of its materials and structure;
2. what concepts and ideas are suggested by the combination of materials and structure;
3. what expressive associations are generated by the combination of structure and concept.
The works do not need to be thematically linked. While you should give your presentation using notes, be aware that simply reading out a paper to an audience generally renders an unacceptable result, and can waste a valuable opportunity.

Due today:

  • Midterm Oral Presentations in Powerpoint or Google Slides. 15 minutes. 
  • Folding feedback from midterm presentations into the thesis paper. Come to class with your Artist Talk, 1 copy of the script of the talk printed-out hard copy so we can workshop and make edits in class.

Oct. 15                      MIDTERM
In class: Art world news. Writing Exercise. Reworking of Artist Talk, Writing Exercise. Discussion of Honors Application process. Revisit our common goals.

Due today:

  • One new work or series installed in Nabit by beginning of class for individual writing exercise

Oct. 22
In class: Art World News. Critique.  Discuss “Contextualization/Artists in Context.” Visit to library, books, periodicals. Reading of Counterspell in class.

Due Today:

  • Midterm Paper Due. Emailed to all three faculty members by 1:30 p.m. 

Oct. 25  Isle of Printing, Communication Station. University Art Gallery 5 pm (Thursday)

Oct. 29: MEET AT 1:00 at Nabit  
In class:  Trip to Chattanooga to StoveWorks

Due Today:

  • Post one artist, and one event or movement, to Google + that will provide context to your work, and explain the relationship between your work and these references in the comment section- tag with your name and ‘context’.

 Nov. 5  
In class: Art World News. Discussion. Discuss exhibition submissions/image adjustment, etc. Introduce Thesis Paper with Rubric. Review Template forThesis papers. Critique: One new work.

Due Today:

Nov. 12  
In class: Art world news. Finish critique from last week. Discussion. Honors Applications Questions. Resume Building. Writing exercise.

Due Today:

Nov. 19
In class: Art World News. Critique. Discussions of readings below.

Due Today:

 Nov. 26                   THANKSGIVING

Dec. 3 
In class: Art world news. Critique. Discussion of Romancing the Looky Loos. Prepare for final presentations.

Due Today:

Dec. 10  
In class:               Final Oral Presentations, 20 minutes.

  • Must have met with Writing Fellow Betsy Cornelius to edit your final thesis paper by this point

Dec. 12 

Submit Proof of entry for one exhibitions: send as an email attachment to Jessica.