Student Demonstrations

They say the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone. So, to help you fully understand your working process, and to access a deeper understanding of how this process is relevant to your work as a whole, you will give a demonstration to the class about your working process. Prepare a 10 minute, hands-on, demonstration of your working process, and make sure you are prepared to demonstrate and teach this process to the class. You should have all materials for your demonstration ready in the drawing room of Nabit, or in another space if necessary, at the beginning of class.

  1. Begin by starting from scratch. Gather materials and tools so you can begin to teach the class your process from the beginning stages.
  2. If your steps take longer to execute than time allows, have examples of each finished step prepared ahead of time. (Think about cooking shows- We see the unbaked cake go into the oven, and a minute later, it comes out perfectly cooked so we can frost it!)
  3. Have a finished product, so we can see how all of the steps come together in the final presentation.

Make sure you are prepared, anticipating any technical problems that may arise, and plan ahead. You should be able to complete the entire demonstration, in steps, without having to go get something, or take yourself out of teaching mode.