Vanderbilt Fieldtrip

Today was probably my favorite day of FYP. I really enjoyed seeing and learning more about the Vanderbilt medical center, and touring the ER was very exciting. I feel like I learned more today about the medical field than I ever have!
I really enjoyed getting a view of the dynamics in the ER. Even though I was only an outsider looking in, this experience definitely helped solidify my decision of wanting to go into a health profession. Even if I don’t go to Vanderbilt specifically, this trip showed me that I definitely do want to pursue a career in health after college.

In addition to touring the medical center, I also really enjoyed spending time in Nashville with my awesome group! Overall, I have really enjoyed the opportunities I have received so far through FYP to meet new people, get to know my advisor, and explore the options for my future.

3 thoughts on “Vanderbilt Fieldtrip

  1. Crystal Brown-Thompson

    I feel the exact same about FYP as well Mia. This particular program has really helped us explore life in a different way and given us many fun opportunities!

  2. Ashley

    This was my favorite day as well. I’ve never been to Nashville before, so it was super exciting to get to see the city and tour the medical center of Vanderbilt. I find it very interesting that both Sewanee student and Vanderbilt students have a close connection despite the differences of both campuses.

  3. Maggie

    Vanderbilt was definitely my favorite day of FYP as well. I learned a lot about many different things, and we saw many different perspectives of medical school. I also agree that FYP has been a great experience so far, and without FYP I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience such a day.


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