Medicinal Tunes

Music is a way of life for humans. Culturally, we love music. Different cultures have different themes of music. From simple rhythm to country rock, people have always congregated to listen in. Studying differing cultures’ musics is called ethnomusicology. Ethnomusicology can explain peoples’ love for their own type of music. Finding one’s place in music means that they feel comfortable in their own mind while listening. People have used music to express opinions and feelings. Many people have used music to find their own place in challenging others. Professor Miller talked about this in his Ethnomusicology lecture. The Beethoven-Bonaparte example emphasized how music could be used to challenge authority, which was Beethoven’s "place."

Music can also be used medicinally. Slow and classical music relieves stress, and can have beneficial effects, such as slowing down the heart rate. Music has been used to calm down patients before and after surgery, relieve depression, and reduces emotional stress. ( Music can help patients, and in a safe, cheap way. I believe that music should be used wildly as a kind of therapy. It is easy, relaxing, and natural.

Source: Collingwood, J. (2007). The Power of Music To Reduce Stress. Psych Central. Retrieved on August 21, 2014, from

2 thoughts on “Medicinal Tunes

  1. Miranda Nichols

    I like how you connected this post to what we learned in the plenary. It’s evident that you put forth a lot of thought, research, and work into this.

  2. Crystal Brown-Thompson

    I like how you explained what people use music for and the various ways it affects them. Especially how you included that fact that different rhythms also take a toll on a person’s emotions. Great description!


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