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15 August, 2014 12:15


My first day at Sewanee was really exciting. After a seemingly endless journey from Nigeria all the here, I was absolutely flabbergasted. I had to run around and had a lot of things to do because I was international student. I felt really weak and walked my way to my hall, Cannon hall. But what happened on my short journey to Cannon was such an entirely different experience from what I would have experienced back home.

As I started on my way, I asked other freshmen I met for directions to Cannon and they were really helpful, directing me to the best of their ability. These descriptions were a bit vague though. And suddenly this guy passes, and finally decides to walk me along to Cannon. At this point, Sewanee felt so welcoming. The most surprising thing I came to find out was that he was a French teacher. I was astounded by the fact that a teacher could be so down-to-earth and offer so much help, which is quite different from what I experience back home.

Altogether, it was such a great experience and I felt so loved and welcomed. I would never forgive myself if I forget to mention how enchanted I felt by the beauty of the campus. Sewanee seems so awesome already and I’m already finding my place somewhere thousands of miles from home!

New(ish) Place

​I wouldn’t describe Sewanee as an entirely new place; I’ve been here a handful of times before. I have just enough knowledge not to get lost (but not much more than that). Nevertheless, my mom still managed to make move-in day intense and exciting. She and I drove about three hundred miles without once stopping for gas. In accordance with Murphy’s law, the respective dashboard light came on to tell us our mistake, as well as our range. On these mountain roads, we had miles to go before we reached the next exit. At home, we would have cried “No problem!” while coasting down the Saluda Grade. Yet gravity was working against us this time. Eventually our estimated range oscillated between zero and two miles (because calculations aren’t always spot on). We feared for the worst, but I mindlessly said, “Just believe, maybe that could be fuel.” My mom laughed, so we continued. If I were a skillful writer, I could make you feel our strange mix of hope and tension. But we made it, to make a long story short. I could even extract a metaphor from this, though I don’t think it’s worth sharing or explaining.


(If I were smart enough to know how to add images, here I’d show a picture my mom took of the dashboard when we made it to the gas station. We found it significant, at least.)

I guess my point is that we made it. And now we’re here, in whatever sense of the word. No matter the level of familiarity, places can serve as a setting for countless new experiences. To paraphrase what a philosophy professor once emphasized to me, I haven’t lived this moment before. Have you?

Green's View at sunset (taken by my sister, date unknown)

Green’s View at sunset (taken by my sister, date unknown)

(Today via text, my sister sent me a picture she took of Green’s View at sunset. I’ve seen the place before, but never at that particular time. Believe me, it’s magical. She promises to take me there when we get the chance. Besides the fact that I’m bad with pictures, I’m sure you guys get the point.)

Favorite Place At Sewanee

One of the places at Sewanee that I really am excited about is one of the hiking trails. It doesn’t matter which one , any one will do. By the end of my senior end, I want to have mastered and walked all of the trails here at Sewanee. I am a very active person, and enjoy the outdoors, so that is mainly part of the reason why I would like to go hiking. I would definitely prefer night hiking than day hiking or even early morning hiking which should be fun and refreshing!


Day 1

Yesterday I moved an hour away from my home, a house in Chattanooga, Tennessee, into my new home at Sewanee. Since I have only been at Sewanee for about 24 hours now, it does not feel as if I am “home” yet, but in time I’m sure I will feel that way. My dorm room is small yet cozy, and I feel comfortable yet strange residing in it. A home is different from just a house or just an apartment. A home is where you feel the most comfortable and content. When you are moving and going through a huge transition such as going away to college, a dorm will take a little while to get used to. Yesterday my room went from bare beds and blank walls to having a colorful, decorated, and homey look to it. The room feels completely different now that it is packed with mine and my roommates belongings. It seems like it could feel like our “home” in a few days. Referring to one of the stories we recently read called “Intimate Experiences of Place”, a place becomes important to someone because of the people that are in that place. This concept is relevant to my move yesterday because feeling comfortable with the people around you have a lot to do with you feeling at home on a college campus. After moving in everything, I said my goodbyes to my family, and we went our separate ways. The rest of the day was filled with meetings which overwhelmed me yet excited me. I’m extremely excited to see what Sewanee has to offer me, and me to Sewanee.

Transition of Place

I woke up early mostly out of apprehension. Today was the day. I finally had to say goodbye to my home and my life as I knew it. I had known college was just around the corner, but today it was actually here. As I said goodbye to my friends and family, I got the sense that life would never be the same. My home would never be the same place as before, even more so my room would never be the safe haven I had made it out to be. Now, my home looked more like a place where my parents lived and my room a shire to my childhood. After I completely unpacked every box and suitcase and placed everything to where I believe it should belong, I realized this wasn’t my home either, but it would be. I knew that in time this tiny, little nook of a room would evolve into my new refuge after a long days work. I knew that soon i would find comfort in the four walls that surrounded me. As I looked out my window when by then a day full of new faces, exciting places, and thought provoking discussion was complete, I looked forward to what was up ahead. I was eager to visit the medical centers and to hike in the woods. I was excited to find myself here in Sewanee, comparing what I knew of myself back at home and how I could apply those attributes here. Though I am still not completely at ease in Sewanee yet, I look forward to creating new friendships and instilling bonds with the professors and students around me.

Day 1

My first day at Sewanee was busy! I was nervous, but as we get to know one another, it feels more and more like home. During visits, it doesn’t seem real, but as I walked through the beautiful campus and talked with people, it finally settled in. It feels a lot like college when you have to stay up all night reading for class the next day. I look forward to what’s to come.

First Day

Me in my newly decorated dorm.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty nervous about coming to Sewanee so early and being so far from my home in Colorado. I didn’t realize, until I arrived on campus, that Sewanee is a place where all of my nerves can just fly away. The fresh air and kind faces on the mountain make it easy to get settled in to such a different place than I am used to. I have been blown away by how genuinely nice and welcoming everyone is here on the domain.
I am so excited to explore Sewanee with my new peers, and on my own. I can’t wait to find a place on the mountain that I can call my own, where I can unwind and relax. I am not sure where that place is yet, but it is the one that I am most excited to visit. I can’t wait to truly begin to Find My Place.

My Extraordinary Experience in FYP

The mountains and the scenery here is very beautiful. All the people that I’ve met seem to enjoy a place with a sense of peace that creates emotion. Sewanee is a place that builds that feeling. I’m very excited to continue my journey here on the mountain and engage in its nature. Seeing that the people I am with now are pretty easy going, I can only imagine when everyone else arrives on August 23.

Finding my new home

Today was the first day at a new place. While uncomfortable and intimidating, it was also exciting and invigorating. While moving into the dorm and being able to create my new space was enough, the experience of getting to explore the domain. Transitions have always been hard for me, but being able to be in a place that already felt so much like home helped me to settle in. While "home" is made up of sand and sea, finding the bridal veil falls reminded me of the tropical forests of home.

While not exactly what I’m used to, finding a place as peaceful as home so close to my dorm helped me to calm down. Im hoping to be able to explore and find new places like this. You’re favorite places in the future are places that you haven’t yet explored, and I’m hoping to be able to find one of those places as we explore Sewanee.

Day 1

Finally making it to Sewanee was better than I ever expected. It was well worth it to wake up at 5:30 AM to get on the road in hopes of making it to campus with enough time to move in. I made it with time to spare though and my roommate helped me move in. I’m most excited about visiting Vanderbilt while I’m at Sewanee. Our field trip to Nashville is the most interesting thing to me as
I will be getting to look at a medical school I could attend. Also, Nashville is a cool city with a lot of good music.