Attendance Policy

Why not to miss a class: Studio class meetings are concentrated and often a lot needs to be covered in a short amount of time. Missing a class will set you back and reduce your capacity to fulfill the course objectives and impair your studio skills. For the same reason, it follows that missing more than two classes, regardless of the reason for absences, will affect your grades, which are based on fulfilling course objectives. Class times are often devoted to lectures, discussions, technical demonstrations and instruction. The review and critique sessions provide a potent learning forum and you must not miss them without a very good reason and an excused absence. An un-excused absence from a critique period will result in an automatic Fail grade for that project. Two unexcused absences will trigger a cut-warning and will affect the final grade. Three unexcused absences will result in a Fail grade for the class. Excused absences, for medical or other reasons, may still impact your course work and consequently your grade. See the note below about what to expect if a class is missed.

Why meet during office hours: Meetings outside of class times are reserved for discussing project work and dealing with specific technical issues, and students are strongly encouraged to meet during instructor office hours on a regular basis. Office hours are not for making up material covered during a missed class.

What to expect if a class is missed: It is that student’s responsibility to make up for any material covered during that class period. The instructor will not be available for going over lectures, discussion and demonstrations. The final grade will be reduced if there are more than two unexcused absences.

When to ask for an extension: Extensions may be requested for medical or other bona fide reason. Any extension, or overdue project will be graded, BUT the project will not receive a class or personal critique.

What happens when assigned work is submitted late: Deadlines must be observed. Not doing so may result in a 1/3 grade-point penalty per each 24 hour period overdue. Any assignment may be re-worked for a better grade, provided that the project was submitted on time, the critique attended and any other project criteria met. All re-submissions must be handed in by the last day of classes.

What to do if you have to miss a class: Please email the instructor as far in advance as possible. You may be asked to provide further evidence for the request to miss class. Expect to receive confirmation of an excused absence from the instructor by the start of class or shortly afterwards. Excused absences may be denied if requests are submitted after the end of class.


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