Grading Policy

Grading rubrics and guidelines will be issued per project, assignment and class. Please refer to the class’ ‘Assignments’ page for these details.

F Fail: unsatisfactory, almost always an indication of not enough commitment; incomplete submission and / or 3 or more classes missed.

D- to D: This grade requires, as a minimum, that all project work be completed. Irregular attendance: This grade is automatically issued if more than four classes are missed without a bona fide excuse.

D+: Satisfactory; consistent attendance but minimal effort.

C- to C: Satisfactory to good; consistent attendance and effort.

C+ to B-: Good; consistent attendance and effort; some progress; understanding of fundamental issues.

B to B+: Good to excellent; indication of progress; creative use of fundamental issues; good technique.

A- : Excellent; rarely issued; great effort and progress; creative work; excellent technique and presentation.

A to A+: Excellent; very rarely issued; work displaying great effort, progress, and technique; mature and insightful.

Letter grades may be converted from percentage grades as follows:


F          60% or less
D-        60 – 64
D         64 – 67
D+      67 – 70
C-        70 – 74
C         74 – 77
C+       77 – 80
B-        80 – 84
B         84 – 87
B+       87 – 90
A-        90 – 94
A         94 – 97
A+       97 -100%



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