Portfolios Online with Picter

This document outlines an account setup and use of the online image reviewing platform, Picter.

Account creation

An account can be created in one of two ways: via Sewanee’s Picter Team Plan (by invitation only), or individually by going to Picter’s signup page, from where one can get a free trial and/or create a discounted student account. Invitations from Sewanee are generated for Art majors by the account manager and instructions sent by email to each person’s Sewanee email address.

What is Picter and what does it do

Picter simplifies the way you work with images and share them. All of the following functions are carried out through it’s online interface, known as the Picter Workspace

Create ‘projects’ (portfolios) easily, by simple drag and drop methods to upload images.
Images may be reordered before the upload even finishes.
They can be sorted in sub-groups by creating Collections

View images in grid or slideshow mode.
Add descriptions (titles, captions, etc.) to images.

Share project links for immediate access; no logins required.
You can even create a space to receive image files.

Grant editor access to enable others to sort projects into collections, reorder images, edit image descriptions, and make comments.

Review other collections to generate selection preferences, co-curate, etc.
Automatically sort selections into collections of approved and rejected images

Exhibit a visual-first image gallery experience instead of links to ZIP files.
Easily replace preview/thumbnail images with full resolution originals, even as TIFFs.
Reduce upload wait times by only delivering full resolution on final selections.

Tutorials and Help

Picter has a series on online videos

Picter Blog for tips, tricks, news and more

General Help and Advice from Picter